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This is a DTI database acquired under Human Brain Project and National Research Resource Center grant. It contains raw and processed DTI data of normal population. Currently we have 2.5 mm isotropic resolution images and 2.2 mm isotropic resolution images. Only 2.5 mm data are available from this site. If you are intenerated in the high-resolution images, please contact

This database is open to public once the user is registered. The purpose is to facilitate researches in DTI data processing and analysis. The data may also be used to study specific biological interests or as control data. Basic imaging parameters can be also downloaded. Detailed parameters are available upon request.

If these data are used in publications, please refer to the source of the data and following grants; 1 RO1 AG20012-01 / P41 RR15241-01A1

Mouse brain DTI data can also be Downloaded here.


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